How did I do in this trade?

I Traded Away: Kenyan Drake (14), Kenny Still (14), Darius Guice (14), 2019 3rd, 2019 8th
I Received: Tom Brady (5), Aaron Jones (7), Josh Gordon (12), 2019 6th, 2019 10th

This is a two keeper league so a 3rd is more or less a 4th/5th and so on.
Furthermore, if the 2019 6th I am receiving lands in the last 5 picks of the round, it becomes a 5th round pick.

The (#) after the player is the round I can keep them in next year.

My team After the trade:
QB - Brady/Stafford
RB - Gordon, Jones, Yeldon, Lewis, Carson, Ekeler, Foreman (IR)
WR - Green, Thielen, Gordon, Cooper
TE - Howard

Good for you this year but not as sure about next year because the other team gets the earlier picks and the players you got would use up decent picks. I think its a good trade but hard to see a clear winner imo

I guess I’m just hoping that Aaron Jones can take over for GB for the long haul. If he can be their for sure starter for the coming years then keeping him for my 7th round pick is quite nice.

Good point, you might have a solid rb there