How did I do on Conner trade

So I knew I had to get rid of Conner with the ticking Bell bomb coming. I traded him for Alshon, what do you think?

I’m not sure how soon that bell bomb you speak of is coming but it depends on your roaster. If you were stacked at RB and weak at WR I guess it’s ok but you traded an RB1 for a WR2, I wouldn’t have done that

TBH I think you got railed. RB1 for WR2 and do we really know the ‘bell bomb’ is coming? Philly has to be trying to trade for Bell right now, he might not be coming back to PIT.

To be fair though, if Bell does come back than you made a great trade.

I think it was a perfectly fine trade. Sure, if Bell happens to get shipped out you lost out but I think the chances of that are very slim. It just doesn’t make sense for any team to give up what the Steelers are asking for on a couple week rental player, especially the Eagles. That, plus Bell wants to be a Steeler slightly bumps the needle more towards him staying.

You’re right, it wouldn’t make sense for a team who is coming off a superbowl win, with a championship roster, to look to trade for Bell in a wide open division after losing their number 1 RB.
What are you talking about?

There’s a minimal chance Bell gets traded. So I think you did good.

But they don’t have the cap space to resign him and they still do t have enough space this year to take him on

I traded Conner last night as well, I gave up Conner and Tevin Coleman to get Kareem Hunt.

However, I’m not quite as certain as most people that Conner loses all of his value when Bell returns. I think he clearly has earned a role in the offense, and playing both guys could help keep them both fresh, maybe something like what the saints do with Ingram and Kamara.

Anyways, that’s how I pulled off that trade, I was able to convince my trade partner of Conner’s long term worth. (and of course enticed him with all the Bell trade rumors)

I’m a Conner owner. Already traded away Bell after a 0-3 start. Got Tyreek Hill for him, but I think it’s about what you can get for him vs his value. Forget that Bell is coming back in a few weeks. Conner is a locked in RB1 until then. I’m 1-4 and the RB1 value now is greater that whatever I’ve been offered. In my situation, it’s best to hold on to this ticket until it expires.

Wow, I really screwed up on this trade. Womp womp.