How did I do on my draft?

10 team, 1/2ppr, 2 flex

well your definetely punting week 12.

I think you did alright. I think with your other starters I would have gone for a WR over Henry or Penny. I think in 0.5ppr you’d have gotten better value from a Landry or Rams WR.
Out of curiosity where did you take Cam?

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Ya, I kept telling myself that I needed WR but I kept taking RB 1-3 rounds after ADP and everyone went pretty WR heavy. I’m thinking of trading Henry and Penny for an upgrade at WR.

Took Cam in the 9th

Okay thanks> I know he goes 9/10ish rn. So right on where you need to take him picking early in odds

Looks solid. Deep with a lot of high ceilings.

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