How did I do on this trade? Andrews-Carson

I just traded Mark Andrews for Chris Carson straight up. Which side would you take?

My Team (12 Team, .5PPR):

QB: Lamar
RB: Saquon, Dalvin, Fournette, Guice, Mattison, Pollard, (+Carson)
WR: Deandre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Michael Gallup, Robby Anderson
TE: Gerald Everett, (-Andrews)
D/ST: 49ers
K: Lutz

I’m super thin at WR, should I try to trade an RB for one? I could also drop Pollard for a waiver WR like Deebo Samuel. What do you guys recommend?

You won the trade

You definitely acquired the better player, but i think you weakened your roster to do so. Assuming you can only start 3 rb’s each week, i’d Have kept Andrews. It’s nice to see that kind of depth on your bench, but what do you do with one of the stud rbs? If you trade one to upgrade at receiver you are left with the same scenario. My advice is try to acquire Kelce, Waller, or Kittle. Kittle might be had on the cheap.

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Oh, and winning trades is always important, but improving your roster, especially your starting lineup, is top priority IMO.

How do you have all of those top WR/RB’s?
In my 10 man league Barkley, Cook, Fournette, Allen and Hopkins all went in the first 2 rounds.

Lol, I’m sure he traded for them. I have Saquon, Carson, Hill, Adams, golladay, Kelce, and Mahomes in a 12 team. I certainly didn’t draft them all. Well played on his part.

Yeah I’ve traded a lot to get where I’m at, I only drafted about half of my current team. I had a nagging doubt about this trade and I wanted to hear what the footclan thought. Great idea though, I’ll target a TE stud. Didn’t even think of that, good advice!

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Same here. Don’t get me wrong, I love rb depth. However, at this point you should solidify your starting lineup and your only real weakness is TE. You could probably nab a solid one and WR for one of your top 4 rb’s given the rb market. Cook would obviously not be tradeable, though. Pick the least favorite, but Saquon has me concerned and i’m Considering a change before the deadline.