How did i do on this trades?

'Sup Footclan ! What you guys think of my moves… Did i won some at the end ??

Dynasty league, 12 players, full ppr

I traded Ebron + 2nd 2020 (my TE 1 is OJ) for Landry

Later i traded Landry for this year rookie draft 1.05 (i was out of rookie picks at that time).

And i have just accepted to trade my 1.05 + Mark Andrews + a 2nd 2020 (i had three for 2020) for Tyler Boyd, Desean Hamilton and a 3rd 2020…

My thoughts were that i upgraded with Boyd for Landry… No ??

Now my WR corps are:

Keeann Allen
T. Boyd
John Brown
Marquise Brown
Desean H
Tyrell Williams
Anthony Miller

I would have kept the 1.05 + Mark Andrews.

I think the drop in value seen for Landry has gone to far…Boyd is on worse offense with a worse QB…both players have done it but Landry has been successful on 2 different teams. Talent will show up and he may have few catches but with the offense opened up by other quality players he may have more room to work with those catches.

I think i would have stood at landry/ and again at the 1.05/andrews…think you went a little to trade happy on this one…it all changes if Hamilton breaks out but I dont like the Denver offense and having the #2/3 on that offense even less…could be rough for a few years there.

example of the value given up is if you use 2020 values as picks this year (2020 is projected to be an even stronger rookie class)
landry for sanders


boyd/hamiliton/mclaurin - values pulled from here