How did I do this draft? Positions to look for trades?

Finished my .5ppr leauge draft, recent years I went RB heavy (Gurley. Went after Kamara). This year went WR heavy with late round RBs. Should I look to trade off anyone. I’m not very optimistic on Henry

Wow, this looks like a great team. Thompson isn’t worthy of a roster spot imo - I’d drop him for an upside guy on the waivers. I’d maybe package Thielen and Breida for an RB 1. Could probably get Conner or even DJ with that. Look to someone who is really deep at RB

I dropped him for Pollard or whoever the cowboys backup is. Thank you haha

Drop andrew Luck. He just retired. I would put Montgomery instead of Henry

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Not sure I would do too much here actually. You look strong at the important positions (RB/WR). Only thing i would be concerned with is QB of course. Obviously Luck is gone, but Cam is also dealing with the ankle injury and who knows if that is something that follows all season, I would maybe try and look for Trubiski, Allen, Cousins or someone like that.

Good Luck!

This was right after. I dropped luck thankfully had cam. I know cam has been dealing this injury but I like his baseline for scrambling. Although I may pickup Trubisky for that same reason.

Should I look to ship out Henry? I picked him up because I know his name holds value, but I hate playing him because he’s boom or bust.

Rb/Wr look good. Drop Luck, keep Cam, and throw a dart at a sleeper (maybe a TE). Stream a QB in the meantime if Cam is in question.

Aside from dropping Thompson (which it appears you did), I’d say you have a great team. Maybe with the Luck drop, grab another RB handcuff if they weren’t drafted (malcolm brown, darwin thompson, etc). I’d rather sit on those handcuffs until week 1 then having a second qb.

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Would trading Henry for Ertz be a good idea for this team? Considering the depth and Breida always being a late steal I happen to find in late rounds.

Derrick Henry for Zach Ertz straight up ? I would do it in a hurry. I dont know if my opinion counts as Im a Henry hater.

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