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How did I do?


10 team PPR, drafted from the 10th position

QB - Wilson
RB - Howard, Crowell, Woodhead, CJ Anderson, Martin, Perine
WR - Evans, Crabtree, Diggs, Cobb, Coleman
TE - Henry, Hooper

Might drop Hooper and go after Kamara or Shepard on the Waiver wire. What you all think?


Pretty solid lineup. Don’t waste a second slot on a TE, drop him and get a RB or WR - Kamara is a great choice BTW.


Yeah, funny story behind the second TE. It was like the 14th round and one guy was still without on and was complaining about it so three people in a row picked up a backup.

I already dropped Hooper for Kamara. Definitely feeling good about my team.


I like it. I think you could strengthen your WR backups.


Yeah Sterling Shapard is sitting out there. Might drop Perine for him.


Yes that is exactly what I was thinking.