How did my first 12 team dynasty draft go?

Hey guys,

Just completed my first 0.5 PPR dynasty draft and am not so sure on my team, care to grade it for me?
I had the 1.07 pick so I was middle of the draft!

Also looking to make some changes via trades so would suggest anything you could recommend!!

QB: K. Cousins, T. Taylor.
RB: L. Bell, J. Howard, A. Collins, K. Drake, C. Hyde, J. Stewart.
WR: J. Jones, C. Hogan, Robby Anderson, D. Jackson, Rishard Matthews, T. Lockett, W. Snead, Dede Westbrook, Terence Williams.
TE: K. Rudolph.
K: M. Bryant.
Def: Chargers.

It’s a 20 man roster and the starting positions are:
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
2 Flex
1 Kicker
1 Def


Not bad for the middle pick, i like your solid RB pool and having a rock solid QB and TE as well. Love the Chargers D this year too.

WR’s though… need to get some work done there, but having that middle pick it’s tough to build a balance at RB and WR without reaching generally. I’d maybe look to move Hyde, Collins, Drake (in that order of who i’d rather keep) to someone who is WR loaded and no doubt RB needy - maybe target one of the acquirable rookies or a young WR2 with some upside if you can’t poach a low end WR1 like Mike Evans or Green.

Nice job overall though from that middle pick.

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yeah, you have one fatal flaw. your WRs are weak. normally i wouldnt call that fatal. but there are a few reasons why in this case, its not lookin good.

its dynasty, so its going to be harder to find guys off of waivers

and really the biggest issue is that its a 3 WR 2 FLEX league. for the most part, that means you are going to be starting 5 WRs. thats a big issue. here is where i think you saved yourself though.

you really did a good job everywhere else. your RBs are solid to elite, QBs are both going to start for the year, and should be productive to just solid. you need depth at TE, k, and DEF but that isnt dire. in fact im completely ok with going in light to the season in those areas and spot starting where i can to keep my WR depth… well, deep.

i would give this team a B+ for its potential. but i would think it will end up being a C+ team. still good, but not championship worthy. i think you do have a lot of good potential at WR. but after jones, its all maybes. i would look to trade lockett and Dede. maybe a robby anderson or hogan. but im going to try to trade the name guys. the players people go after for their potential. package deal them up to get a better WR and then go find the guy that who ever you traded with ends up giving up dropping because it was a 2 for 1 trade. then i would wait and hope hyde goes off for a few weeks and trade him out too. if you get some solid depth behind julio, you will have a strong team. so go get creative, find some WRs, and make a #footclantitle run!

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Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t too sure about the WR’s as people were reaching heavily and I didn’t want to be left picking up the scraps! How do you feel about Robert Woods or Chris Godwin? One of the owners who is lacking in RB is looking to shift those players and I could make an offer!

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woods is an ascending player, but he also is kinda over hyped. he has been the same player just about throughout his whole career. at least from a stats perspective. and it doesnt look to change. i think he will do great things for the Rams, but maybe not for fantasy football. with cooks and kupp there, and gurley getting his looks… the pie is just too spread for what robert woods is to that team. kupp is your PPR guy, because his value will come from getting peppered with targets. cooks will be the big play and medium play guy. gurley will be the chains mover, which leaves woods with being the everywhere man. which dont get me wrong, has value. but its football value. so i think he is capped at where he is it unless he just has a year of TDs.

godwin has the easier path to being great… next year. with jackson there he wont be the 2 for at least a year. maybe more. throw in the winston news, and how that team very well may be QBless here soon and with how weak the QB draft class is looking for the next few years… a lot of risk there. if its me, i would keep looking. unless he is willing to take stewart for woods because that i would love. because woods will be valuable, just not enough to get rid of good RB depth. stewart you can hard sell too as the goalline back. might even have a 40% timeshare to work the rookie in. but he is kind of a 1 year rental. maybe 2. so i would love to do that but he probably wont go for it.

i like where your head is at though! find the guys that are the opposite of you, and use that to your advantage. thats one of the great things about having good RB depth. RBs are more valuable so you might be able to pull a trade off that would look weird otherwise.

I’d try and get a guy like Godwin here over Woods, plus he’s not a major value this year on the face of it so if the owner is RB needy you could get him cheap.

As above being so WR needy right now you need that RB core of your to potentially start 3 or 4 each week until you get some extra WR help to spread the burden so don’t weaken it too much. Agree with @BusterD use some of the name guys who people want for potential and package 2 or 3 for a better overall player, and keep poaching those RB needy teams! Yes you do need some TE depth but at the moment WR is the main focus for sure. You will have more luck with TE depth year on year from waivers than WR guys who will be harder to identify now and harder to get when they show potential