How did this team not make playoffs? My mistakes

8man PPR
My fantasy season is over in my favorite league against my best buds):

By far the best team in the league and still didn’t make playoffs. Well, first i didn’t have OBJ until i traded J. Conner away before week 10 (probably should’ve moved him before that)… Anyways my playoff chances came down to losing on a week where i decided to sit Zeke and play Mixon, of course Zeke put up 30 points and would’ve won be the week.

Unfortunately this season came down to me getting a lot of start and sit decisions wrong at the WR positing and just getting everybody’s best week against me.

Remember people play your studs and do your HW

You said it in your first line, it’s an 8 man league. This is a great roster, but everyone’s team in an 8-man league should be stacked. Those leagues always come down to start/sit decisions and matchups.
That’s rough though, I would’ve felt great with this team lol

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It’s the 8 man league that did you in. Try to expand to 10 or ideally 12.

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It’s an 8 team league, everyone’s team is stacked. I’ll take a guess that the Mahomes owner is in the lead. QBs are usually the difference in small leagues.

Yeah, 8 team leagues are just no fun. Every team is stacked, no one trades because they are stacked(although I did see you did a trade). I can only imagine what your waivers look like.

I would definitely see if you could add on at least 2 more teams and if you cant, at bare minimum add a second flex.

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I love this 8man league I am in multiple 10 and 12 man leagues but this one is the best. A lot of people trade as well. But yes it came down to start and sit. The game I lost was to the Mahomes and Hill stack