How do i fix my team?

I’m 0-2 in a 12 team full point ppr league. My question is what can I do to fix my team? I know my receivers aren’t the greatest and I’m streaming quarterbacks week to week thanks to Dalton stinking it up the first two weeks. Here’s my team, any advice would be great.
QB: Flacco ( streaming week to week)
RB: Ajayi, Elliott, West, Kelly, McFadden, Rawls ( will drop Rawls this week)
WR: Pryor, Hill, Cobb, Garcon, Jeffery
TE: Rudolph

Anybody have any advice on what I should do to improve my team?

Try to trade away players like Cobb, West, Kelly, or Pryor for a decent QB so you don’t have to stream QB’s week to week. A consistent QB is a life saver in yearlong leagues.

Is Kelley, West, and Pryor a good offer for Brees straight up?

I think that is too much. Can you combine a Cobb/West (or another RB) for a more consistent WR1?

There’s someone in my league that needs running back depth and he has Michael Thomas and Stefon Diggs. Are either of those a good option?