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How do I improve this roster?


I am off to an alright start. I’d like to hit the next level though in my WR2 and Flex. I’ve been trying to make trades but no one is biting so maybe I’m aiming too high.
Would really appreciate some honest/thoughtful suggestions.

QB1: Kirk Cousins
WR1: Crabtree
WR2: Kelvin Benjamin, Devin Funchess, Devante Parker
RB1: Leonard Fournette, LeSean McCoy
TE1: Evan Engram
RB Bench: Isaiah Crowell, Darren McFadden
Sign/Cut with the week: Taylor Gabriel and Mike Wallace

Suggestions greatly appreciated. Main question is if I should target a better WR/RB, or should I just sit on this roster and start based on matchup and situation? Half-point ppr.


If I had that team, I would be trying to trade a couple guys like McFadden and Gabriel for another WR and you’ll have an open spot for a matchup streamer. Or if nothing else, send them guys out for a waiver matchup option. I like to stream matchups off waivers over and over. I hate sitting on guys but that’s just me. I get flack for it too but sometimes it works and I’m 4-2 so it’s worked out ok for me