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How do I improve?


I was thinking about shopping Bell around my league to see if I can add some high end depth. Too soon? I’m not trying to tilt right now, but my team is not looking to be very tough to beat. I know were only two weeks in but my roster looks like this:
R. Wilson
L Bell
M Lynch
M thomas
M bryant
Jordan Reed
F Gore

D Jackson
Marvin Jones
M Mack
Its a 10 team standard. No good players available on waivers. Chris Carson and Tarik Cohen were owned 2 weeks before the season started so this is a very competitive, deep league. Any thoughts on how to improve my team?


No ideas? anything?


No. If you sell now, you’ll get pennies on the dollar and possibly gift wrap a championship for your trade partner. Don’t panic. There aren’t many RBs who get the kind if workload he got this week, and they were playing a really good defense.


No, don’t trade bell. Even doe I’m going to try and get him this week from someone in my league XD. I would try and change your QB doe. I don’t see Wilson doing anything this year, unfortunately, i have Baldwin ):