How do I rebound from 0-2?

Alright footclan, Jason always says hang in there and don’t quit. I’m going to try like hell to come back from this 0-2 start. I’ve listened to this show for 2 years now. Found it last year and dominated out of the gates. Fell short of the footclan title. So bought the UDK to get over the hump and showed up at my draft with my cheat sheets. Draft didn’t go as planned and now here I am in this hole. How do I crawl out of this footclan? For the record, I used the UDK in all my drafts and very happy with it overall. But this is my main home league and really the ONE I want to win the most.
.5 PPR


D’Foreman (IR)

M. Thomas
Corey Davis

Trey Boo Boo
OJ Howard

Saints Defense.

Already dropped Ty Montgomery and Robbie Anderson(for Pettis and Callaway)

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The only position I am a little worried about on this roster is the running back spot. I’m not sure anyone is taking on Lev Bell right now but you might be able to flip him.

I would drop the Saints D and stream that spot.


Yeah I plan on dropping the defense. They cost me my game week 1 game. I lost by 1.1 point as they went negative 4.

I think you go sell Lev Bell. You need a win now team and you can’t have that with Bell. You need to sell the name while you can. Couple whoever you have to try and get a good RB. Aim high don’t settle.


Owners have asked for Bell, but are offering Pennies. Not budging.

I had the same problem. Interest in Bell but people obviously trying to low ball me. I’d sooner stick with him than sell him for a pittance.

Yeah I floated Bell out there but everyone is trying to take advantage of my situation by offer crap. D Henry was probably the best of all the crap sandwiches I was offered.

I would try to pair a Royce or kerryon with a WR and try to get another RB. WRs I’m sure you could find one to stream. But the RB situation right now is what’s hurting you. I know RB are hard to trade for but maybe you’ll find a situation.

Thanks footclan. I’ll see what I can string together. I did just pay up $27 out of $100 to get Gio.

if you have conner no need to trade bell. Have patience, you’re team isn’t bad at all.

I’m not playing Rivers this week vs Rams. Blake or Jimmy handsome this week? Im dropping Callaway for the add. I don’t see myself starting him this week anyways and I like Rivers for a few weeks after this weekend. I know he’ll get scooped up and don’t want to have to bid high to get him back.

Overpay on the waivers and hopefully a few stick. I started off 0-3 last year in my main league and took home the title. There’s plenty of WR’s out there you could go in and out with for Larry Fitz depending on match up. RB could be tough in some slots until things get sorted out. I’m also going to sit Rivers this week but in favor of Fitzmagic. I’m a little biased because I’m a Pats fan but they just made Bortles look like Tom Brady in his prime. However I don’t have a good take on the Titan’s D.

I think your moves would depend on how your actual team is doing, for instance’s I am 0-2 in my 12 man main league, but my team is actually the third highest scoring team on the year I just ran into the highest scoring team each week and been barely losing. So if you are 0-2 but your team is scoring points and just having tough loses don’t over react and shake things up too much you might end up hurting your team more then helping it, but if your team is just getting blown out the first two weeks then yeah start looking to trade players

I’m 3rd in my division, 4 divisions of 3. So currently in last but I have 245 points. Division leader is 255 pts, and 2nd place is 250 pts. I haven’t gotten blow out, but I just wasn’t comfortable with my team. Probably just overreacting a bit. I bid $27 out of $100 mainly because Im playing the Mixon owner, he has Gurley and Gronk. But I just outbid him for Gio. I got outbid by $1 for Fitz. I bid $8 and someone bid $9. Most QBs go between $3-$6 unless some big name hits waivers. I also got Buck Allen for $0 and got out bid for Cleveland Defense. Hopefully this ship can turn around.