How do I run an 8-man keeper league?

I run an 8-man redraft league that we’re thinking of changing to a keeper league, and as open as I am to this, I have a ton of questions. Would a keeper league work well with 8 teams? Because I’ve never done one.

If anyone knows the best way to handle an 8 man keeper league I’d love to hear some ideas, especially when it comes to roster size. Right now, teams are 16 players apiece (non SF) including kicker/defense (I know, I know, but we took a league vote and the people want kickers). Is this enough? Also how many players should be kept after the season? I really don’t know how this works

I definitely think a keeper league works for any size group. Like you mentioned, the first question would be how many keepers you want. I’d say typical is 2-3 and much more than that you may want to think about more of a dynasty format.

The next question is what ‘price’ are each of the keepers. The two general ways would be to keep X players with no penalty (basically everyone’s first/second/third rounders), or to have some kind of draft position based price.

The first is a little easier and will result in the best players being consistently kept so is pretty even. The second way can reward better (or luckier) drafting by charging a lower price for later drafted players. For example, this past year if you drafted Lamar in the 10th, you would only ‘lose’ a 10th rounder if you kept him. Whereas if there are no restrictions he would be a first/second rounder.

If your league is pretty active you may want to check with them to see if they have a preference on any of this as it’s a very impactful league wide decision. Also if you do make this change I would strongly recommend doing the first year as a totally new draft. Keepers will alter drafting/trading strategies so you don’t want to transform existing rosters into a keeper league where you keep players for this upcoming season.

I prefer to have each team keep a number of players with no penalty. I’ve ran a 10 team league entering its 8th season, and we each keep 6 players, which takes up the first 6 rounds of the draft basically. For you, I wouldn’t select any keepers this year, I would draft with all players available with the intention of having keepers the following year. Since you have 8 teams, I would definitely make your league superflex or 2 qb.