How do I start up a Dynasty league? What's a good site to use?

I’m looking to start up a Dynasty league with some friends but I have no idea where to start or what site is the best. I don’t see a Dynasty league option for most sites when I tried to Create one. Please any help would be appreciated thank you.

i recently started one on espn, just adjust the roster settings to make it a deeper bench and more keepers

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I have no Commish experience, but have played dynasty on 3 sites. I started on but the league moved us to Fleaflicker, which only lasted a year, on to MFL for year 3… Well, I guess the league voted to move on and left me and about 4-6 others at MFL. Personally I like MFL as an owner and hopefully as a Commish this year if I can find at least 6 more owners! Let me know if your interested.

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Appreciate the feedback! I did notice you could do that…however I wanted to hold two separate drafts before the season. A start up draft and a rookie draft. How do I go about doing that when it only gives me one draft option?

How do you separate the start up draft and the rookie draft? Or do you just do one big draft?

I’m not sure how you started one on ESPN cause I just tried and it gives me little to no customization options to do so