How do I win this argument?

Not necessarily a fantasy question, but NFL in general. I’m a Broncos fan and I am stoked for Keenum. Whenever I say this, I get the usual “ew, why, he’s a one hit wonder…” almost every damn time.

Okay, sure. We won’t know until the first snap. I have a few points I bring up during these arguments but I’m hoping you guys can boost my ammo. Haha

  • You can’t judge Keenum during his time in LA and Houston. Both were shitty organizations at the time. I mean, the Texans signed Brock Osweiler on a huge contract a couple years later lmao

  • “But Denver’s O-Line is worse than Minnesota’s!” Hardly. Minnesota was ranked 22 and we were ranked 23. Shows he can handle pressure quite well.

  • “But Minnesota had some of the best WR’s in the league!” correct. But are we forgetting about Damaryius Thomas? He still has a lot of life left in him and now that we have a better QB situation than last year, it can only mean good things.

  • Not to mention Keenum idolizes Elway. Elway wanted Keenum from the start. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.

  • “Idk, I still think Denver has KC to worry about.” Chubb and Miller are going to DESTROY that offense led by Mahomes. The rookie has no idea what he’s in for.

I think I covered pretty much everything. But hit me with some more arguments I could use in these debates haha

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I would answer this in two parts.

One, as a clear fan, just enjoy the process. Who cares if anyone else likes him? It’s only a few years ago that Matthew Stafford was considered pretty ‘meh’. Now he is considered at least a top 10 QB in most circles.

And two, SHHHH! If Keenum continues to have this poor evaluation from the pubic then he will either be a late round sleeper or waiver wire winner.

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You make two very good points haha. He could possibly be a good qb to stream. Not to mention Denver has a pretty easy schedule which should help ‘em out a bit.

yo, chiefs fan here. get ready to love and hate keenum. because i have been saying it since he went to the broncos, that dude is an alex smith. he is going to be safe, and win you games… but god damn if it isnt going to be boring. thats why people dont like keenum. he is boring. but boring wins you games. i mean its not like he went to Minnesota and just DESTROYED when they gave him a chance. he did good. really good. for the NFL. 3500 yards, 22 TDs, and 7 INTs. those are good, solid numbers. especially the low INT number. lets give him his best playoff game to those stats since he didnt start week 1. thats 3800, 23 and 8. WITH a miracle 60 yard TD. still good numbers just nothing insane. and i expect those numbers to come down. not because denver sucks or anything, just the nature of the game and who he is. his career completion rate was around 60% before. it was almost 68% this last year. i just expect him to split the difference a little bit because like you said, he wasnt the problem before. so put him at 64.5% completion rate and his stats will go down but not because he sucks, just because thats probably where he belongs.

my point is, argue to be excited by him. but i wouldnt ever dip into arguing about how his stats will be. because he isnt a stats player. he is a win you games player. so my argument would be, so what? so what if he doesnt throw for 4500 yards and 35 TDs? we dont need him to. what we need him to do is keep us in games, and then seal them away. and that, he is VERY good at.

oh… and good luck beating mahomes… he already beat yall once. :smiley:

If you think Keenum is boring, you haven’t watched enough of him.

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I feel like you get to be that guy that sits and watches a real talent prove himself while you bask in the glow of being right.

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I’d be okay if he were a “win games” qb versus a stats qb…I mean, at the end of the day, that’s what we want, right? Even if he can get us to .500, that’s still an improvement. But I have high hopes because the AFC West is wide open. No true prominent threat this year with all of the changes each team has made.

I wouldn’t be too proud of that win against us last year…our record was already in shambles and we have only improved since then. We were in a 3 qb rotation at that point lolol

I sure hope so because I bought his jersey in April…:no_mouth: hahaha

he had 3 games with 0 TDs. and 5 with 1. half of his season was was very much game managing. game managment is boring to watch. so i dunno what youre talkin about lol. maybe you watch and were excited, but i wasnt. cut that up to differences.

@thatonegirl_lexi yep thats why you will love him. its just not as fun to watch. but it sure as hell beats watching your team lose every week. thats what we were before smith, and thats what you guys were last season. dont get me wrong, its not horrible. but you end up wanting more. and then you gotta deal with shitty fans who just want excitement calling him awful and quoting his stats at you like thats all it takes to be a great QB. its just a frustration that i have had to deal with, with a similar type of QB. so just be forewarned lol.

i mean your team had to know to not give a young, budding rocket armed QB any confidence. but even if the broncos did mess up and not go as hard, thats a good sign for the chiefs. means your spirit is easily broken. and besides, mahomes made our 3rd string look like rockstars. albert wilson got PAID because of that game.

all rivalry aside, this is a pretty wide open division. broncos are on the rise because of keenum, chargers are built to win now, raiders are so much better than anyone gives credit for, and the chiefs have a youth movement that is coming in strong on both sides of the ball. its going to be a great season. i look forward to talk shit with other division fans like you!

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I’m not looking at box scores for excitement. I’m watching the actually plays he makes, and he made a lot of them out of absolutely nothing last year. I was genuinely shocked how good he was at escaping pressure and making plays outside the pocket. Genuinely shocked. To me, that’s exciting.

Considering how few reps backups get in camp, and also the fact that he was brand new to the team and offense, I don’t think it’s surprising that he had a slow start (5 of the games you’re referring to where in his first 6 starts).

you know im not crapping on keenum right? im not saying he is the worst QB out there, but there are plenty of more exciting guys to watch play QB. his play style is methodical. yeah he has had some exciting plays but just like alex smith who also has had some very exciting plays, the rest of the time its not all that exciting.

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@BusterD I agree, next season is gonna be a fun one for the AFC West. I’m from Portland, OR and I’m actually trying to get to the Den/KC MNF game in Denver on October 1st haha.

I’m predicting the AFC West is gonna go a little something like Chargers/Denver battling for first, KC a steady third and the raiders remain last. I say KC a steady third cuz of the rookie QB up against the tough defense in the West (Khalil Mack included).

Anyway, I don’t think 13-3 and a couple of playoff wins was a fluke for Keenum. Put him with good resources and good management, he’ll make it happen again. The Eagles had one of the best o-line/defenses in the league and you know what they say, defense wins championships and Minnesota’s clearly couldn’t hang.

I have a bet with someone that Denver will get to the playoffs and I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Last year, I would’ve thought differently, but this year, I’m optimistic. A+ for Elway this offseason :grin:

haha my prediction is a close one between KC and LA with the broncos bringing up a close 3rd. for basically the oposite reasons you have for KC in 3rd. i think we have a dynamic playmaker who has legs and an arm like a laser cannon (cause who doesnt like highly accurate and big explosions?) and its going to be hard to stop. but, i have tempered my expectations a bit because i admit, im far too excited for mahomes to be a reality. i know how quick it could fall of the wheels for him. im just confident, and a little hopeful, that they dont fall off.

honestly, youre bet isnt unreasonable. because even though i have denver in third, that might be a wildcard spot. i think we are kinda back to being a scary AF division. but all will be seen soon.

alright, i cant stand being nice to a division rival any longer. back to being a homer. FUCK THE BRONCOS! CHIEFS KINGDOM BABY!

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Hahaha even though we’re rivals, at least we both can agree the Raiders suck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So here’s another question for you, being a Chiefs fan. It was a huge debate in my fantasy football league’s Facebook group the other day lol.

Is Alex Smith actually a good, proven qb or is he slowly turning into a journeyman qb now that he’s in Washington?

Haha oh I can get on board with that.

I say why not both? Alex smith is a damn good, proven, winning QB who had a fucked up start to his career where the old 9ers brass really messed him up. Then his true value was shown. Why he was a former 1st overall pick. Came to the chiefs, helped us hold down the west and be competitive every single year. Now he is off to the skins on a good long contract worth a ton of money. Sure, this will be his third team in 6 years but he isn’t a true journeyman. If he is, he is the best one of all time. Comes in, stabalizes a franchise, then moves on. If the skins had given him a 2 year deal, I would have been more inclined to call him a journeyman. But they have him for 5 years. With, the option to get out after year 3 if they want (might of been year 2 I cant remember) but that’s just them hedging their bets on an older QB. I think he is in the middle. He isn’t going to carry your team to victory week after week like a Rodgers. And he isn’t going to bounce from team to team for the next 8 years. I think he has one more stop after the skins, then its retirement. So a damn good QB that just isn’t exciting enough to keep asses in Seats when the rest of the team gets good. I would call him a stabilizer before a journeyman.

In the right scheme he has proven he is good enough to get his team to a championship. So it’s not about believing in Keenum, it’s about whether or not you believe in the coaching staff. The defense should be top teir just like the Vikings, with a less loaded but still decent offense around him. Keenum’s good enough, it’s up to the coaching staff IMO. (I know nothing about the coaching staff in Denver, not sure if it seemed like i was leaning one way or another)

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The autumn wind is a pirate, the autumn wind is a raider…:rofl: