How do we feel about DRAKE?

So drafted drake by accident kinda(auction draft bid enforcing)
And now that he is in the boot and ballage hype is real… I wonder if I should drop him for someone on the waiver or just sit on him until the season starts?

10 team 1/2 PPR 1Qb,2Rb,3Wr,1Te,1Flex
Here is my team.

RB- Kerryon, dalvin cook, , D Montgomery, Drake, Miles sander, Latavius, Royce freeman
WR- Keenan allen, Godwin, Curtis samuel, D Jackson, Dede westbrook

Would you drop DRAKE for anyone from the list.??

Players on waivers below.

Adrian Peterson WAS (10)
Dion Lewis TEN (11)
Darwin Thompson KC (12)
Kareem Hunt CLE (7)
Damien Harris NE (10)
Jamaal Williams GB (11)
Chris Thompson WAS (10)
Alexander Mattison MIN (12)
Mike Davis CHI (6)
Devin Singletary BUF (6)
Justice Hill BAL (8)

Kenny Stills MIA (5)
Courtland Sutton DEN (10)
Albert Wilson MIA (5)
Mohamed Sanu ATL (9)
Tyrell Williams OAK (6)
John Brown BUF (6)
Robert Foster BUF (6)
Marquise Brown BAL (8)
Taylor Gabriel CHI (6)
Devante Parker MIA (5)
David Moore SEA (11)
Deebo Samuel SF (4)

I’d probably keep him. The only player you’ve listed on waivers who’s going to be a guaranteed impact player day 1 is Peterson - most of the other names are probably either late season hits like Singletary, or long-shots to have an impact.

I still think Drake could be a star this season. He got full 3-down work with the first-team in preseason game one, and looked a lot better than Ballage did whilst on the field. Sure Ballage is getting a lot of run-time in pre-season, but is worth remember that Miami doesn’t have any tested depth behind Drake at RB so they could just be trying to see if Ballage is any good (given that he had one of the lowest Yards after Contact of any RB last season when he played).

You’ll know by Week 1 if a) Drake is injured/healed, and b) if he’s healed then if he’s the starter or not.

If he’s still injured or looks to be behind Ballage for snap count then drop him then. But you have enough depth at RB to hold on until Week 1, and if it turns out he’s the starter then you’ve got a stud lineup at RB.

(FWIW I’m a Dolphins fan. So the above it a little biased, but also based on following the team via pre-season games and podcasts etc.)

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Thanks for this… Appreciate the detail and your prob right… It is a situation I should just wait on and see what I have… Ballage is just getting so much press it feels like that drake is just fading out of the picture… But I will wait till week 1 games and just see what I have in him.

No worries. And I could be totally wrong about the situation obviously.

If you were weaker at the position I might suggest the switch. But with Kerryon and Dalvin you have two studs at RB, and you have plenty of depth to Flex (Dede, David Mopportunity, DJax).

You don’t need another week 1 starter so no need for AP, and you already have Miles Sanders so would probably avoid taking a punt on Devin Singletary as two rookie late-season RBs feels like a bit too much bench collateral.

there’s no-one else on the waiver that you’ve listed who I would drop Drake for given the potential pay-off if he does actually end up as the starter. And even in a timeshare he’s dynamic enough to be a decent flex option.

I honestly hope I’m wrong about Ballage. He’s just the perfect training camp star due to his athleticism, but I don’t think he’s shown much in the way of contact balance so I’m not sure what he’ll be like when people are hitting for real.

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Another consideration is that with the RB depth that is available on your waiver wire, you should be able to find someone decent if/when you finally decide to move on from Drake. Your opportunity cost is low unless someone a lot more valuable gets dropped, and if that happens you can reconsider.