How do we feel about giving up Allen Robinson for Aaron jones?

My receivers are J. Brown, A. Brown, Enunwa, Callaway, and Allison. RBs are Gordon, Michel, R. Jones, and Richard

easily given your WR depth

At first blush, I like this trade. I think you need the help at RB, I think Aaron Jones will have a couple of huge weeks, and I don’t trust Trubisky. But for me the question is how do you feel about Trubisky. I’ve been disillusioned by him not living up to the hype of a #1 pick, but I’ve heard often that he’s really young and doesn’t have a lot of experience. Is that a valid excuse? Maybe, and that would speak volumes about his raw talent. And Nagy is a more than competent coach, although it’s a sin how he’s using Howard. But it’s still early for the Bears. Are you willing to be patient with Robinson or put up with A boom/bust player in Jones?