How do we get in the Fricken Megalabowl?!?!?!

Been looking for this for two days, and yes, I AM A PAYING MEMBER_


Can’t find it either, and yet to read a post where someone associated with the show has responded.

You have to be a supporter on Patreon I believe.

I just added a $5/month support on Patreon for them. I then had to get “badges” and the ability to do some thingsl on these forums as I haven’t done much before. After awhile the Pinned forum topic about the megalobowl just showed up.

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I’m a patron supporter. Anyone know how to get in the Megalabowl? Thanks.

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Go on their Twitter and scroll back a little. They linked it. There’s a post in there that says they aren’t sending emails until they have enough people that dropped their email.

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You have to be a supporter on Patreon. Link your Patreon account to this site while making sure your Patreon Account matches the Email you use for This site or else it wont sync. You then want to sync your Patreon to this site and wait up to 24 hours for the sync to go thru (Took about 8 hours for me)

Once Synced you will get access to the “Footclan Online Leagues forum” where you will find a post for the League. You then Leave your Email address in that post and you are then entered and they will contact you via Email when they set it up.

Unfortunately, I saw the Post was Locked as of this morning and they seem to be not taking anymore entrants. aprox 675 entries total. So if you weren’t able to get your Email in time, you most like missed out.
Sadly, the thread was open for over a month, but they just announced the league a few days ago on their non Patreon Pod Cast.

Wish ya luck and hope you got in on time. Have a great day!

this patreon stuff sucks I an a member and cant find it either. I read if u sign in to the regular sight and not the patreon u can find it. so I tried but it kept signing me in with freaking patreon WHAT THE HELL???

It took me like a week for patreon or whatever it is to sync. Pain in the ass. Click on the link I posted it should bring you to the page.

Thanks man but I cant see the link

oh I got it thanks man

I guess its closed I can’t reply

They must have closed it rite cause I been looking ! Went to work came back and seen that closed article ! Damn I’m so irritated !

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