How do you adjust your roster for end of season + playoffs?

My philosophy is to keep as much depth at two positions: WR and RB. My bench is strictly for stocking those two positions, maybe keeping one spot to deal with bye weeks.

But now I think my bench would be better utilized by having backups at other positions. Do you think I need to have a backup QB? A backup D/ST?

Here’s my roster:
QB: Russell Wilson
RB: Ingram, Kamara, D. Murray, D. Martin, M. Lynch
WR: Evans, Cooks, D. Thomas, D. Parker, D Jax, Kelvin Benjamin
TE: Gronk
K: Jake Elliott
D/ST: Ravens
IR: Greg Olsen

I’m pretty sure at least 3 of those players I’ll never start unless catastrophe happens. What position should I fill my roster with to be safe for the rest of season?

It’s a half-PPR and we start 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 TE and 1 flex.

I would definitely pickup a backup QB. Wilson has a week 14 matchup against Jacksonville. I’d look for the qb on the wire with the best matchup for that week.

On defense, I think you’ll be ok with Baltimore as they have good schedule ROS.

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I already have my eye on week 14 and plan to pick up Tyrod for that week, but may not make that move just yet. Our trade deadline is past so now it’s all on the waiver wire.

Completely agree with @premier101. Heading into P/O’s you definitely need to have as much of a LOCKED AND LOADED starting roster. So…yeah…definitely need that backup QB. And yeah…think you’re good to go with Bal.

I’ve got Pit this week and hoping to stream ARZ. But think PIT will be OK ROS.

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I’m trying to look at my bench and rank them in order of drop-ability. Marshawn would have been an easy drop before his last game. Now I wonder if DJax might be more droppable. I like Kelvin Benjamin because his playoff schedule is really good and maybe by then he’ll get worked more into the offense. And I just hope I don’t have to rely on Doug Martin anymore until he starts to show more life. Thoughts?