How do you all make your league funner?

I want this to be a thread where people post what they have done/ will do in order to make their league funner. I will be posting what I’ve done below, feel free to add whatever ideas you have whether they’re big or small!

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Every week, I write a weekly newsletter (and edit it through a free photoshop software to make it look cool) for my home league. It’s 2 to 4 pages long, and we have recurring segments which makes the owners more active.

Top scoring team of the week- they’re the Big D— Team of the Week
Lowest scoring team of the week- Dumpster Fire of the Week
Owner who did something stupid or an overall bad move?- Gruden of the Week
Bottom 4 teams in standings- they’re on Whitney Watch. (Our punishment for last place is having to wear a dress and sing I will always love you by Whitney Houston at karaoke)

Also every week I make a short write up of each matchup, update power rankings, and highlight a matchup for next week as a Grudge Match, and put them on the spotlight (two top teams going H2H, two rivals going at it, a matchup with some kind of bet on the line etc)


I’ve done the folllowing:

  • a side guillotine league
  • prop bets (about 30 categories picked during offseason, things like most passing TDs, most rushing yards, Superbowl teams and score) winner gets the 2.17 draft pick
  • end of year survey (really helps to get pulse of league) Share results
  • During playoffs every team has something to play for every week. Week high score/ toilet bowl/ losers bracket
  • playoff challenge
  • For every trade I create a poll to see who won

I can expand on any specific items if anyone wants.


Nice man! Really looking to include trade polls next year. How do you keep teams that escaped the toilet bowl interested in their matchups? We have a weekly payout to the top scoring team but that ends 1st week of playoffs. Thinking of keeping it going to keep everyone into it.

Depending on your platform (I use MFL) the polls can be really fun to reflect on a year or years later. I like to look at past trades and ask the league “remember this?”. For the teams involved it can be added excitement to win the trade in your leagues eye.

Weekly payout will be new for us coming up in 2019. Just voted on it this week. So weeks 14, 15 and 16 will have a weekly high score payout. In our league it’s $10 a week.

That will help to involve those teams once they are out of Championship, Lottery bracket or Toilet bowl contention.

Championship bracket is 6 teams, top two seeds get a bye. Even those teams with a bye are encouraged to set a lineup in week 14 to possibly win the week high score payout.

Toilet bowl is the bottom two teams based on record. They will now have a three week playoff. Best two of three wins the 1.01. Loser get the 1.03 rookie draft pick.

The remaining 8 teams (16 team league) participate in the Lottery bracket (no byes). Winner receives the 1.02 draft pick.

BTW, these playoffs help avoid tanking. It has not been an issue but that’s why they were setup this way originally. That in combination with the weekly high score payout in the regular season.