How do you decide who to play in tricky situations?

I have Zeke and Chubb both out this week. So I managed to pick up a few players to cover the gaps. I have 3 players that I’m working between, and need some help on figuring it out.

Alex Collins, who plays Monday night, is my preferred, but with him being questionable, I’m hesitant. My next up would be Javonte Williams, who plays tonight. I also managed to snag Rhamondre Stevenson, who plays Sunday morning. So I could not play Javonte tonight, and hope Collins shows signs of life by Sunday morning, where I could potentially have to play Rhamondre.

I would rather play Javonte over Rhamondre, and Collins over Javonte. How do you decide who to play in a situation like this, where your preferred might not play on Monday, an acceptable Thursday, or a last choice on Sunday morning?