How do you decide your draft order?

What methods do you guys use?

I keep it simple. Reverse order based off of last seasons final placement. This is for dynasty.

Paintball battle.

10 players… 1 round…

Order you get out is where you draft.
+1 spot for every person you take out.

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Super Smash Bros tournament. Winner gets the 1.01

mostly random generation or reverse order of last year.

But my favorite is where we draw numbers to determine order we select draft position. 1 gets to pick there spot 2, gets to pick from remaining spots available, etc.

We like to have fun with it a month or so before the draft. Everyone gets a Keno number based on where they finished. The first number that pops up winds up being the last pick in the draft and we work our way down. It’s a lot of fun and most of the league shows up for it.

NBA Lottery Style Draft. Last place team gets 12 entries, next to last 11, etc. all the way down to first place team getting one.

Here is the way we decide draft order for a Guillotine league.

Draft Order

Draft order will be selected with a competition to accurately predict the outcome of a pre-season game.

Each participant will choose the final score and winner of a selected week 3 pre-season game. The game for the 2019 season will be Thursday, August 22nd, TBD vs TBD .

Google Doc


Final Score Eagles 13:10 Browns

As a tie-breaker each participant will select the Total Passing Attempts from all QBs in the game.


Wentz attempts = 33

Mayfield attempts = 35

Total passing attempts = 68

After the game has completed, the participant that has chosen the winning team, with the most accurate score will get to pick their draft spot. Each remaining participant will choose their draft position based on accurately predicting the score.

This has proven to be a really fun way to determine draft order as it requires lots of participation and strategy.

Dynasty leagues I have 2 ways. Reverse order of previous years standings or for leagues that have tanking/inactivity issues all non playoff teams are entered into a draft lottery NBA style.

Redraft leagues I randomize the order or for home leagues we have a March Madness bracket challenge and you get to pick your draft spot. Get 1st place in the challenge you pick your slot first and so on.