How do you feel about Bell ROS?

I’m debating trading away Bell but the fact thatI’ve waited this long makes me want to keep him to see whatI have in him. My current RB’s are S. Michel, M. Ingram, J. Howard, and C. Clement. Im debating trading him away from K. Johnson. How do you see Bell ROS?

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Are you saying you’re giving up Bell for KJ? As one of the biggest KJ truthers on these forums, I am here to tell you that is foolish. If Bell comes back, after he gets off his 2 week rust, he is easily the best RB on your roster.

Yes, I would. The thought of Bell being a part of a committee is concerning. I’m 7-1 and realistically I should be able to take the risk with Bell but other than S. Michel, my RB’s can be inconsistent. And I think KJ is a safer option. If I do trade Bell i won’t be a straight swap, it would be a multi player trade but that Bell for KJ would be the main swap. I’m currently getting carried by my stud WR’s of Thielen and D. Adams. I might just be tilting since this is my first year making a championship push and I don’t want to mess it up by becoming complacent

I honestly think it’s laughable to think steelers will put bell in a committee where he does’t lead the backfield. Bell is better than Conner by a wide margin for real life football. Outside of fantasy points scored. Steelers are trying to win NFL games, not fantasy games. If Bell plays, Conner is going to see like 20-30% of the work max. GIven me 70-80% of a steelers backfield over 60% of a lions backfield all day.

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I definitely agree that Bell is much better than Conner IRL but I don’t see how Bell remains a Steeler after this year. So why would the Steelers not keep Conner involved in a significant way if they see him as the future? I just don’t see the Steelers wanting to pay Bell after seeing what they can still be without Bell. But you do make a good point that KJ still only has 60% of the Lions backfield. I’ll most likely hold on to Bell

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Because they are paying Bell almost $900K a week to do so? Steelers are a smart org, they aren’t idiots. They already know what they have in Conner. Why not use up the asset that’s leaving who is a much better RB and actually gives them a better chance to compete and win? Keep conner fresh for next season? There are so many reasons why lol. Very few reasons against them using Bell. Football teams are there to win games. YOu play whoever gives you the best chance to win games. Look at Conner’s production vs good defenses (i.e. baltimore). Bell shreds Baltimore on an annual basis cause he just way better.

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I can’t say that anymore. Bell may be a better all around but Conner has been doing things nobody in team history has ever done, including Bell. I don’t know what happens here. I honestly don’t. I want to say Bell leads a committee, but you have the injury risk when he comes back, though I assume he’s been taking care of himself, and you also have how the team/coach/locker room will handle it.

I don’t think he will be benched due to all of the drama but there is a world where that is in the range of outcomes. I could also see them using Bell very heavily and saving Conner given the circumstances as you suggest, but I wonder how fans/teammates/media would react after playing up that you have this cancer survivor doing such great things in a ‘working man’s town’. To bench him for a ‘primadonna’ might not sit well there. Balt argument is somewhat faulty as the team actually admitted that in some of Conner’s early games that were failures that they didn’t get him going and then abandoned the run.

I am holding Conner either way for a keeper next year and hope to at least be able to put him in flex consideration. I dealt for Dalvin Cook as a possible backup plan just in case but that’s a gamble either way.

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Really? you’re going to take 8 weeks of conner to offset 4 years of Bell being the best back in the league? That’s insane IMO. Look at where conner got his production. 2 games vs the browns where steelers just force feed him on goal line and a game vs ATL (bottom 3 D in the league) and a game vs CIN (Bottom 5 D in the league).

What did he do vs a good defense in baltimore? 9 carries for 19 yards. Have you ever seen Bell put up 9 carries for 19 yards? Bell is matchup proof best 3 down back in the league. The fact that people are even comparing conner to him is a fucking joke and shows how little they actually watch the game. Fantasy production does not = real life talent and impact on the game.

Have you stopped to consider that MAYBE, just MAYBE, the TDs this season is a product of the system with the steelers rather than talent on Conner? Do you really think that if Bell was playing this entire year he would have less TDs or yards than Conner does? I’d bet every $ I have that Bell would have just as many TDs or more. The reason why conner is doing things bell hasn’t done before is because conner has a better play caller than Bell did. Bell had to deal with the fucking trash that was haley for years. Haley is one of the most overrated OCs and worst red zone play callers of all time. Do you know how many goal line runs Bell got last year? 6. Want to know how many he converted? 6. For comparison, here are the goal line stats for Conner this year:

Inside 20: 21 attempts
Inside 10: 14 attempts
inside 5: 10 attempts, 8 TDs.

Bell had 6 attempts in the entirety of 2017 inside 5 yards. Conner has 60% more attempts and its only been 8 weeks. Which part of you thinks that Bell would have a worse goal line conversion rate than Conner does? Fantasy is opportunity and Conner has been a product of opportunity, not talent. If Bell got the type of volume and play calling Conner has gotten this year for the past 4-5 years, I am almost certain Bell would be breaking LTs single season record and easily on pace with Gurley.

I get it conner is a stud from a fantasy perspective but just watching the game, I just find it mind boggling that anyone can sit there and actually think Conner and Bell are comparable. Conner is in a great situation, has been playing in easy matchups, and totally flops vs tough matchups. Like this week vs ravens, I’m benching conner in favor of Aaron Jones. Can you think of 1 time in the life of owning bell as a starter where you would even consider benching him? I sure as hell cant.

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That’s valid about Haley.

I’m pro both guys. I think both are very good.

I stated Bell is better all around. They are different types of runners. I think Conner is possibly a better power runner and the amount of broken tackles indicate that, along with the bad defenses you stated. Bell has better vision and patience as a runner for certain. He also has a lot more experience.

Me stumping for Conner doesn’t mean Bell isn’t better. I just can’t see the gap being huge, especially when you factor in the miles on the tread.

Who would you take in a dynasty right now?

I’m still worried about the Steelers trying to ‘do right by Conner’ when it comes to Bell since James is the guy next year for them. Fortunately he and Bell both seem to be cool with one another no matter what has been going on.

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I think Bell looks fat on social media. I think Conner is the man the rest of the way because the locker room, coaching staff and the Rooney’s are with him. Conner’s a legit stud in his own right and the team is winning. Been watching people bash on Conner all year while I rode him to a 7-1 start. When Bell reports (after week 10 at the latest, tomorrow at the earliest now that the trade deadline has passed), I think the team immediately slaps him with a 2-week roster exemption to piss him off. Add in another few weeks for Bell to get into game shape and you might just get to ride Conner all the way to your FF playoffs and then an uncertain time share after that. There is no way Conner goes back to 4-6 touches a game.

I’m not interested in arguing with anyone. OP asked, I answered. Bell the rest of the way = not what you are hoping for. Bell’s remaining, pro-rata salary under the franchise tag is nothing for an NFL franchise to throw away…it’s no longer the massive 14.5 million. It’s 7.75 million now and shrinking with every passing day. The Rooney’s are amongst the league most principled owners and I expect them to send a powerful message that few are expecting when Bell reports. That being: you’re a pain in the ass and we don’t really need you any more.

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So I think there’s couple ways to look at how good someone is as a power runner. Part of it, is broken tackles which Conner has definitely done well at. The other part, which Bell has consistently been good at is after getting hit, falling forward for the extra 1-2 yards given his size. I think on this front, both guys are pretty good and it’s definitely Conners forte. He is closer to Zeke in that regard than he is to Bell. Bell is a better vision runner / juke guy, which is insane cause of his size.

In dynasty, on a 1 to 1 basis, I’d prefer Bell. But I don’t think the gap is huge dynasty mainly cause of how young conner is and steelers backfield is just one that you want to own year after year. If I was a Bell owner and someone offered me Conner + 1st, i’d probably take that trade so I don’t have to worry about Bell landing on a bad team.

If they slapped bell with a 2 week roster exemption, that would be giving him exactly what he wants. Bell would like nothing more than to be benched for the rest of the year so he is a full season rested for his next team. I guess if you think the entire steelers org consists of morons who don’t want to win, then sure, they could def not play the best RB in the league. But I’m assuming that steelers will do what is best for the team and whoever gives them the best shot at winning.

Also, if they were as “principled” as you say, then they probably wouldn’t have a rapist as the face of their franchise. Just saying. No in in NFL is principled. They just want to win. As long as your talented and help the team win, pretty much anything goes.

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Well said man, you know your shit man. You got an IG? Great insider :+1:t4::muscle:t4:

yeah I do but no fantasy football brand or anything. I mostly post football stuff on my twitter handle which is @MikeMeUpp

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