How do you feel about starting 2 WRs from the same team?

Via a recent trade an argument could be made that my top 2 WRs are Cooks & Kupp. I sat Kupp last week but would have been fine if I didn’t. I start WRs and RBs from the same team all the time but my line-up doesn’t look right with the two of them in it. Making maters worse I picked Goff up last week as a streamer but want to play him again this week. Should I just go for it or make adjustments?

I could grab dalton off waivers and my other WRs not on bye are Cooper, M. Williams & Gordon.

As long as the rams keep putting up big points every week, I think you’re safe starting virtually everyone. The problems arise when they have a down week.

Me personally? I try to move Kupp in a trade off of his big week and stick with The Goff/Cooks combo and play them both with confidence. But don’t take my advice, my team is only slightly better than Jason’s 0-4 hot garbage pile of a team.