How do you guys pick Kickers?

I haven’t really given much thought to Kickers, I had Justin Tucker for most of the season which has been fine for me, but ever since his Bye week when I dropped and then lost him to someone else, now I’m not sure how to go about choosing Kickers.

How do you guys go about choosing a Kicker? Do you look for high score games and hope for many opportunities to kick FGs/PATs? Or do you look for shitty offenses that will probably fail in the red zone and leave it up to FGs?

i’ve gone back and forth with the texans kicker and bears. sometimes jets. those team typically have issues with red zone touchdowns so they use there kickers more

High scoring team in a dome or warm weather city primarily is what I look at.

I don’t overthink it too much.

Next step down would be high powered offenses in cold weather cities as Boswell, Crosby and Gotskowski have all been generally good.

I do look at weather reports prior to game time and sometimes pivot if I don’t like what I see concerning wind and rain. The only other factor I consider sometimes is altitude. Denver isn’t a fair weather city but with the altitude you can get some longer kicks there which is great if you get more points for 40 and 50 yard kicks. I was all for having Prater and McManus on my teams when the Denver offense was really cooking.

I never think that I wan’t a worse offense that ‘might stall in the red zone and have to kick a fg’. You get far more bad games out of those teams where not even a kicker can score.

If you are streaming a good thing to look at is the Vegas combined points line and what team is favored. I like taking the higher scoring games and kickers on the favored team because they will usually get you 4-5 xps and then if they are up at the end will settle for kicking a fg or two instead of pushing the issue. (Unless you are the Saints this last week on 4th and 7)

The top 4 teams in our league this year have kickers from KC, Rams, Chargers, Saints, but two of them have been on a roller coaster where they had to swap in and out a few times due to Zerline’s injury and Sturgis/Badgely swapping spots during the season.

I look at rankings on ESPN, and on the kicker rankings here. Then I go with what feels rite. I drafted Butker in the beginning of the year because I think his name is funny. I just immediately have my mind go to Jason Moore calling him Butt Kicker. Turned out in my favor. Now streaming Dallas Kicker because I have to.

For actual strategy, look to see if they are playing

  • above sea level
  • in a dome
  • Against a good/ bad defense
  • game history
  • recent injury

That’s my Best shot at advice.


Obvious candidates like Lutz, Butker, Gostkowski are probably taken so looking at the wire. While it is good to look at weather, sea level, high powered offenses, etc. Those are busch league analytics. Often times, teams that struggle are the ones who get most of their production from their kicker.
Pick on a kicker that is:

  1. Accurate and has proven he can hit 50 yarders
  2. Vegas line has his team to win by a slight margin (tight games means both teams are still down to settle for 3)
  3. Playing against a team that gives up yards but middle of the pack or even strong in points allowed (means you can move the ball against them but they buckle down in the end zone, forcing teams to settle for 3)
  4. Plays for a team that consistently moves the ball but struggles to put it in the end zone. (redskins with Smith, Titans, Ravens, jags, 49ers.)

#3 and #4 are related and sets you up for the perfect streamer!