How do you handle inexperienced drafters

Hi footclan,

So I’m about to participate in a 12 team .5 PPR league with 2 flex and no kickers. We have a lot of newcomers that will probably jump early for QB’s, take their favorite players regardless of ADP, take defense and TE earlier than expected. How do you draft in this chaos? Do I stick with drafting players at ADP or take advantage of some of the ADP? Do I follow the league trend when they snatch QB’s I take a QB (only because they will probably start taking a second QB late in the draft)? When they all start taking defenses and kickers to I do the same?


In my opinion, you should capitalize on that chaos. If they’re pulling QBs and TEs super early, that will just open up the opportunities for you to snag some star WRs and RBs. Stick to the proven winning draft strategy, and let them snatch their weird Round 1 and 2 picks like Tom Brady and Evan Engram. Ideally, you’ll be laughing all the way to the winner’s podium with McCaffrey, Hopkins, Conner and JJSS.