How do you increase intensity and interest from your league members?

I’ve been commissioner of my main league for about 13 years. It seems like the dedication and intensity of the league is beginning to fall off. We use Slack and some days it’s crazy, but lately, most days are pretty dead.

We do a weekly power rankings in which whoever is writing this week gets to nominate another manager for the following week. It’s basically an opportunity for each member to roast the other 11.

I’ve begun recording a weekly podcast for the league with one other member. We record Wednesday nights and discuss any trades, waiver claims, drops, etc. and the upcoming matchups. I think it has increased interest but I’m curious what else we can do, don’t want this league to die out, it’s my escape from adulthood and stress.

What are some creative things you guys do to keep the competitiveness alive?

Hey, that happened in my league until we instituted a solid punishment in our league. The bottom 2 teams in the playoffs have to run a NYC 5K, and the loser of that race need to perform standup. I think having something as inconveneint, embarassing or difficult like this will keep people interested and trying until the end. If all else fails, get new managers I guess… lol

How active is your league when it comes to trades? The only sustainable thing that works is trade activity. I myself always try to trigger trades by starting them off myself. Especially when I can come up with blockbuster trades. That always gets everyone perked up.

Rule changes to freshen things up are always good. I converted my league to a superflex this year with 6 pt pTD and -4 int scoring this year, created a very interesting dynamic and keeps people excited. Also converted the league to a keeper league with draft pick trading allowed. That really spiced things up and trading right now is at an all time high. Pretty crazy. We’ve had 16 trades already 6 weeks into the season and we had like 4-5 trades for the entire last season. Also the keeper aspect really keeps people engaged throughout the entire season because even the losing teams can start planning for next year via draft pick trades and what not.