How do you reeally feel about Jonathan Taylor

I typically stay away from 3rd round rookie RBs in murky situations and I haven’t been high on Taylor at all this offseason… All that being said… I ended up with him in all 3 of my drafts so far lol. I just don’t know how I feel about him when I look at my rosters. The reason I ended up with him is because he fell to me in the 5th/6th round in every draft (6th round was a 10 team draft)… I typically started with 2RB, 2WR, then was staring Taylor in the face after that. How do you guys really feel about him in full PPR?

I would be happy to have I’m in the 6th round. Given the opportunity (which he will) he’ll be great

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In full PPR I like him less than in other formats, but I personally really like him this year. He is one of the top 2 most talented backs in this years draft and he landed on a team with arguably the best line in the league. During the draft the Colts were asked about extension talks with Mack and the owner basically flat out said they weren’t extending him and then they traded up to draft Taylor. Now that could mean they ride Mack into the ground until Taylor’s up to speed but in my eyes Mack is a good back while Taylor is a great one and I just don’t think it will take long for him to overtake Mack. Taylor has had glowing reviews all camp and Reich has been talking about the “hot hand” approach all offseason. I think Taylor could take this job real early and never look back.

I grabbed him in the fourth and i feel pretty good about him. He’s a talented runner and his offensive line makes me feel at ease. He might now blow up at first but he’s got all the opportunity to do so. You grabbed him in the 6th you said? So he’s a flex right now? Yeah I be ok.