How do you see AJ Green?

12 Team Full PPR:
I was just offered AJ Green and Crowell for Alex Collins and Manny Sanders… and I honestly hate it… I didn’t even consider the offer for a second… Then I thought about it more and wondered how I could be so low on AJ… Looking at his career stats I’m not impressed at all… Dalton has been on a steady decline and Marvin Lewis is, at the absolute best, a bottom 3 HC in the NFL. What would you do about this trade offer? I countered with J. Williams and Sanders… at that point I think the possibility of 100/1400/10 is worth losing a solid high floor WR2 like Sanders and what could be an RB2 in Williams. But even then idk…

My RBs:
M. Gordon
C. McCaffrey
A. Collins
J. Williams
J. Wilkins
J. Conner

My WRs:
T. Hill
E. Sanders
J. Edelman
N. Agholor
K. Cole