How do you stay motivated after losing in the finals constantly?

I shouldn’t gripe since I won 2 leagues last year but I’m now 2-6 in finals having lost last night by 3 points because the chiefs were too scared to throw it on 4th when down by 10. I’m just really getting fed up with constant work and dumb luck ruining the fun of it

Man, I know the feeling. Been there so many times. Unfortunately, no matter how many stats we pour over, how many matchups we analyze, how diligent we are on the wire and with trades, LUCK is a HUGE factor. How else can you explain Kyle Rudolph’s huge game which was total luck, or Tennessee D scoring a td on the final play of the game (Butler should have knelt after the pick to run out the clock and I’m sure Vrabel reminded him after the game)?

Once the players take the field our job is over. The best you can do is assemble the most overpowered team you can and HOPE for the best. The Fantasy gods wanted to make things extra hard for me after dominating the competition during the regular season as an owner of Hunt (surpsrise suspension), Fournette (suspension for fighting), Melvin Gordon (injury) OBJ (sursprise injury) the playoffs were a challenge. Seems a little ridiculous that all of those players just happen to be on one roster in my league and that roster just happened to be mine. It’s really frustrating but all of the research leading up to the draft and during the season make it all worthwhile imo. There’s always next year and anytime I watch a team win a title by shear luck, that’s enough to motivate me to come back the next season and do my best to not let that happen again. Being good at fantasy, just means we have an increased advantage at having more favorable speculative outcomes in what is an ENTIRELY speculative game. Next year, next year.


Least you don’t have to live with the person who beat you in the finals

This is my take on fantasy. I think Regular season is more skill. Playoffs is definitely more luck given its just a single week performance. At the end of the day, variance is part of the game and you just have to live with it. I’m sure there are instances where luck has also tilted things in your favor (i.e. a defense putting up a monster week, an unexpected blow up from a last minute swap player, etc.). Not saying you don’t deserve to win but I think you just got to roll with the good and the bad.

In my opinion, the best fantasy players aren’t necessarily the ones that win the championship every year, but it’s the ones that are constantly there and competing. Those who are constantly making the playoffs or finals. One of these years, things is going to work out in your favor.

But if it really does frustrate you, I’d try and speak with your commissioner and change your payout structure so that less of the total is decided by the championship game. I commish my own league and I have weekly high score payouts as well as a regular season winner payout. Even that I don't think is enough. I am going to be working more of the total prize pool into the regular season. Probably be adding a bonus to people who win their H2H in the regular season.

And honestly, 2/6 isn’t that bad. I was in 13 leagues this year and made playoffs in 9, championship week in 6 and will most likely end up only winning 3. I’m pretty happy with those results. And 1 of those leagues is a full rebuild dynasty so didn’t expect to make playoffs. I’d be happy with what you’ve done. Sounds like it was a great season.


It’s all fun for me. I like the challenge of finding the diamond in the rough. I started the year with an absolutely terrible team in one league and had a legit chance at winning it all by the end. I lost that league but it was a great ride.

Another league resulted in me losing the consolation game to someone that hadn’t changed their line up in 4 weeks…Frank gore was one of his rbs.

I’m still all in next year looking for some championship wins!

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Just got to keep grinding.

We do season long standings but I finished 2nd four years in a row in my LOR before I got my first outright crown.

the worst is that i got killed by a kicker. I’m definitely lobbying for that league to eliminate it since it’s being rebuilt anyway.