How do you value Melvin Gordon

Value you place on Melvin Gordon right now? He’s hard to judge… Eckler honestly looks like the better running back. What would be your trade target/ targets?

I just traded diggs and Gordon for mike Evan’s and sony. It didn’t feel great but I was in the same boat I tried to make a few trades for better return but nobody would bite.

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I’m OK with that trade. Evans should be a wide receiver one rest of season.

Yah it’s a keeper legue as well. His value deffinately went down and think owners missed the time to sell high wich would have been after the announcement. I think he will be a good play just not what he was years past

I think we need 2-3 more games to judge Gordon. He’s only played two games and one of those was an intentional limited work load.

I’m guilty too of wanting to move on, but I think he will produce RB2 numbers in the next 2-3 wks and seeing as I just clicked him off waivers that isn’t bad.

I’ve tried to move him but I can’t get the value that I expect him to produce so I’ll ride it out.