How do your Waivers work?

Main question is: How many times a week are you able to add someone. My current league is just Wed @11am and Sunday @ 11am.

Open between wed and game time

Any players dropped in that window though have a 24 hour hold period before you can add them.

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That’s pretty limiting. Most leagues run waiver claims Wed at 3 am, but players can be added at-will from then until their respective kickoff times

That’s terrible, all my leagues run Continous FAAB, so the only day you can’t add someone is Tue


yeah, i threw it out there for a change to next season. N one is having it. They enjoy the 2 days only. feel its unfair for those who cant look at app everyday. oh well

Change is hard and can take time. If you like the league, don’t give up. Working on individuals can sometimes be more effective than convincing a group.

Otherwise find yourself a new league(s).

My redraft leagues use FAAB and run Wednesdays between 3-4am. Dynastys are set up as continuous FAAB and run daily (except for Tuesdays) at noon est.

Next year I am switching most leagues to have continuous FAAB everyday except Tuesday (no waivers) and Sunday (first come first serve) thanks to Sleeper adding more custom options.

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