How does my team look?

12 team 1/2pt. PPR redraft league

I have been working it pretty hard this year, and it seems to be paying off (thanks to the Footballers and the Clan)
Going into week 11 I am 7-3 - 1st in my division and 2nd overall - very likely to get a 1 or 2 seed in playoffs

The team:

QB - Eli Manning, Teddy Bridgewater (I am a recovering Andrew Luck owner. I grabbed Watson off waivers and got that ride for a few weeks, but we all know where that went. Since then my trust has been in Eli and trash time. I have Bridgewater waiting in the wings in the event Minn plugs him in (hope hope))

RB - LeSean McCoy, Kareem Hunt, Danny Woodhead, Alvin Kamara, and Chris Thompson (all drafted in that order - if you can believe that - although Woodhead was dropped and regrabbed) (owe it all to the podcast and the ultimate draft kit)

WR - Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, JuJu Smith-Shuster, Nelson Agholor (drafted Thomas and Hill - grabbed JuJu (to replace Bryant) and Agholor off waivers - have never actually played Agholor yet and doubt I ever will)

TE - Evan Engram, Charles Clay (bounced around the waiver wire on this spot until getting Engram fairly early. The Clay grab was recent more to deny others than to use myself)

D/ST - Lions, Eagles (played the wire on this spot - grabbed Eagles for use in playoffs)

K.- Wil Lutz

I recognize I am weak in the QB - but the others have been making up for it. WR is also a bit thin, but I have yet to have a week were I play a WR in the flex - hardest part has always been deciding which RBs to start/sit - a good problem to have. Very hopeful that this is the year!

Hope this doesn’t jinx me