How does this look? TE needy team

Do you want to give up a top RB? I think Godwin does better than kupp. Maybe remove the wrs, lot of mouths to feed in LA and pass heavy for Godwin to get consistent touches. Didn’t engram leave the game with an injury? Or was it precaution from the rain?

No Engram is fine. They said he might not have been completely right from the MCL but he doesn’t carry an injury designation. Who do you think wins this trade?

I’d say Barkley and Godwin. It’s close though. Both have shown they can put up big numbers on a given week. Barkley’s average total yards per game is over 100. I see kupp regressing, but I could be wrong and the Atlanta game was just a blowout so they didn’t pass crazy. Engram has been consistent getting close to 6 receptions a game. Carson seems more of a bruiser between the tackles and not a big playmaker/game changer

Yeah Carson just seems to be on one of the best teams that can get him to goal line situations