How does this trade look? 0.5 PPR

10 team 0.5 PPR

Receive: Juju, Evan Engram, Mike Evans

Send away Waller, CMC

My Current Roster:

QB: Wilson

WR Cooper, Scary Terry, Edelman, Fitzgerald, Woods & Boyd.

RB: Ekeler, CMC, Carson.

TE Kelce, Waller

I am pretty sure I can trade Kelce for a RB1, and move juju for Gordon cause the gordon owner really wants JUJU for some reason. I am thinking it’s a good trade but i suck at trading and wanna double check

so if your triple trade works out, it would look like gordon, engram, evans, rb1 (?) = cmc, kelce, juju, waller. All in all, I suppose if that all works out your team will be pretty beastly, but that’s a lot of ifs. I wouldn’t be so confident you can get an rb1 for kelce unless someone has told you so. Unless you have a way to actually unload kelce or waller for another rb in return, you’re acquiring too much wr/te and not enough rb