How f***** am I going into Monday night?

So I’m going into Monday Night football with a 30.8 point lead. The only problem is he has Saquon left to play. How fucked am i?

You can still win, a lot of injuries going around the nfl this weekend, he can get 30 but I don’t think he will

Commenting for tomorrow. gl~

I think he gets between 20 and 30 so you’re good

I have kittle and a 37 point lead and feel nervous.

BUT SF’s defense has been stepping up and playing much better every week. I don’t think this is going to be a blow out for Barkley like I would have figured a few weeks ago based on how both teams are trending.

So I looked up team statistics and SF is ranked 12th against the run, so not bad. And actually top 10 in rushing TDs allowed at only .7 per game. Saquon has only had 1 30 pt game this year . It’s standard by the way. Hoping for a 20pt showing from him

haha I’m down 15 and was forced to pick up the Giants defense in hope of some miracle.

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After watching Mullens on Thursday night, I think I might honestly leave the defense space open lol. I think the Giants are primed to go negative with how poor they have been playing. Their offensive line is garbage, so they cannot sustain drives, and they traded away key players in the D line and backfield.

Beatherd is gonna be the starter tonight

What, really? Last I saw it was the rookie. That sucks because Beatherd is terrible.

You are rostering giants D and had the intent to play them? This is def a scenario that I would bench them. They are underdogs playing in SF and just not even a good D to begin with. That is not the recipe for finding good defensive streams.

dont worry, I wan up by 42 with his ertz and obj left to play… now im up 2 with obj left to play

Yeah, I’m kinda in the same boat. Only it’s a little worse in my particular situation. Right now I’ve got him by 41 pt. I still have my kicker, Gould playing tonight…BUT…he has both Saquan AND Kittle, and TBH, I’m kinda sweating it. :sweat:

Was my original plan with Minn on bye was hoping to win without them but benched DJ over Keenan lol would’ve given me the points to win. I’m already down 14 points and sitting 8-1 and had a free spot so I picked up the defense last night. Might as well roll the dice…pretty much what do I have to lose lol

Looks like you won

LOL…not sure who you were referring to…but…I pulled this one off. LOL…got the most points of my whole league. :smile:

It was for @BreesusChrist the one who started this thread because he was scared Barkley was going to put 30+ up last night. Didn’t happen so he won his matchup

Hope you all pulled out a win! I am finally back to .500 and 6th in points in the league…

Congrats, thanks to my two latest trade acquisitions: Zeke & OBJ, I was able to overcome TB12’s blunder and an onslaught of TDs from Ebron & a healthy Fournette. I now hold the number 2 seed after starting 1-3, and a firm grip on my league’s scoring title.

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Victorious indeed! It was a serious game , both me and my opponent had the same record, another team scored over 200 in a standard league and jumped in the playoff picture so the loser of this game would be out. I won!

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