How high can Cooper be sold for?

I stashed Cooper a few weeks ago, waiting for a game like last night’s. (Didn’t play him, but at least he has sudden value now).

WR is my probably my weakest position, so I could roll the dice and potentially use him moving forward.

But I don’t really trust him and would like to move him. A guy in my league has A.J. Green and Mike Evans. I’d like to target one of them (preferably Green).

10 team PPR. My team:

Brees, Watson – Gordon, Hunt, McKinnon, Mixon – M. Thomas, D. Baldwin, K. Benjamin, E. Sanders, Cooper – D. Walker, H. Henry

SO would packaging Cooper with, say, McKinnon be worth A.J. Green type?

ALSO bear in mind I like stacking Thomas with Brees so he’s the one WR I’d like to keep. The others can be expendable if necessary.

It depends on if your leaguemates actually watched the game (He had another couple of BRUTAL drops and should have been called for PI on his first) or just saw the stats and how much recency bias they have but I would say it is going to take at least another week of production out of Coop before people are ready to start trusting him and he can pull anything near that value. As a Green owner I wouldn’t go anywhere near him but each league is different.

If I were you, I’d try & move Brees. Watson is the #1 QB right now & he’s been lights out. After his bye, you don’t need 2 QBs. You can probably get decent value for Brees to a team w/a weak QB situation or sweeten a package with him. The AJ owner isn’t gonna move him after 1 good game from Cooper and 2 from McKinnon IMO.

I figured it was a long shot. But that’s why you sell high and who’s higher than Cooper at the moment?

I also thought name brand and potential might carry some weight. But if you think one of my other non-Thomas WRs would make a better deal then by all means.

I’m pretty content with Brees. Watson was a nice add on Brees’ bye-week. But I don’t expect his production to maintain. Brees is consistent and stacks with Thomas.

Plus I may use Watson as a trade chip for the Aaron Rodgers team in my league.

Thanks for all the input.