How High Can You Sell Lev Bell?

Standard Scoring 10 team.

I was offered David Johnson for Lev Bell. Thoughts?

Not sure if I should package and try to get a better back or just get something while I can. My expectations are that this makes both him and CEH RB3 options.


I traded away Drake for Bell. I also have DJ and thought about offering that. Bell is unknown right now so it is a gamble either way. Bell may have a higher ceiling but DJ may be more consistent. He has the volume and is the clear number 1 in Houston. He has been my weekly flex in a 12 team standard.

I would take DJ for Bell. You get 2 extra weeks of output too! DJ is a high volume RB2 and like you said I see CEH and Lev to flirt with RB2/3 ROS.