How high does Mckinnon go?

I may draft him at 2 04 in a 12 team league

I would rather have someone like Joe Mixon there if he is still available, or a WR like Allen or Green if I went RB in the 1st round, but he is not a bad pick there. If you like him grab him because he won’t make it back to you.

Drafting McKinnon 16th is absolutely insane. Been through this topic so much on these forums it makes me sick. Just check some of my past posts. You’re going to use a top 20 pick on a 26 year old running back who has done nothing in his 4 years in the NFL. He is not a good runner. No matter how much people hype up his SPARQX and “explosiveness”, the numbers don’t line up. “Explosive” pass catchers don’t average 7 yards per catch and sub 4 ypc.

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He might be drafting there but honestly I think its too early.

i think
mixon , mccafery, allen , adams , all around there

sub par O line and a coach that never wanted a Back with his skill set in Min.

He goes to San Fran with an offensive genius who is known for making the most of his explosive yet small RBs. Give me him at 16 in PPR any day of the fucking week.

EDIT oh wait I thought you ment RB16. Pick 16 is a bit high but I like him between 18-22

Have covered this topic at lengths in the below string. Not going to repeat myself but you can go there and see the back and forth if you want. If by a coach that never wanted a back with his skill set, you mean never wanted a sub par runner and average playmaking ability, than you are spot on cause that’s all McKinnon is.

Using the “offensive genius” and size comparisons between him and freeman is some of the laziest analysis I’ve seen. Him and Freeman aren’t even close in talent level when it comes to running or even passing. Freeman is better at both and has shown it every single year since joining the league. At some point, you just have to be a good running back and not just rely on a coach to carry you and mask all your deficiencies. As good as Shannahan is, he’s not a magician. McKinnon is a freak SPARQ athlete and thats about it.

Why don’t you average Freeman’s 2 years w/Shanahan and his two without Shanahan. Let’s wait on that

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I see you’re following me around the forums. Not sure how relevant your argument even is. I didn’t say Shanahan didn’t boost Freeman’s value. I just said I don’t think he can turn McKinnon from a below average running back to an RB1. Also, why is it that I am always the one coming up with all the facts and numbers and support while you’re just out here making hyperbolic and blanket statements with zero support?

Anyway, this is still an easy comparison. Can’t really look at the 1st year. He didn’t really have a role at all. Less than 70 carries. Even that year, he was 3.8 ypc and 7.5 ypr on 65 carries and 30 receptions. Still better than McKinnon. So you’re basically comparing 2015-2016 (Shannahan years) vs last year 2017

2015-2016: 4.36 YPC and 8.2 YPR
2017: 4.4 YPC and 8.8 YPR

So regardless of whether or not he has Shanahan, Freeman is an extremely productive running back. Shanahan did give him more TDs by about 2-3. He still had 8 TDs last year while missing 3 games in what I would classify as a down year for Atlanta. I expect that team to rebound a bit this year, not to 2016 levels but somewhere in between which is where Ryan and Co have always been. But the offense in 2016 was one of the best offenses in NFL history. Are you expecting that for 49ers? I’m not. They don’t have a Julio Jones on 49ers and as much as I believe in Jimmy G, I don’t see him going for 40 something TDs and I sure as hell don’t see McKinnon scoring double digit TDs.

Pick 16 May be too high but I like McKinnon. I’m keeping him in my keeper auction league but that’s because I have him at a value and plan to pair him with Kamara and another top back (Fournette or Barkley). If you can grab him a little later I think he’s a good pick with high potential.

GL on the team rebounding. Defense there is solid, offense is spiraling downward, due to that coordinator. They should have dumped him after last season. Those previous Falcons team, Nice #s hey, w/Kyle S scheming and calling the plays. Not too schabby. I believe Gabriel went for 1k yards or something? Coleman was a viable flex option. Not sure if this output can be attainable this year in the Bay, but we do think Jimmy G is the right signal caller to pave the way.

I’m more than happy to let other owners draft him until the third then I’ll think about but otherwise I’m trusting the more proven talent available. Especially at the 2.04!

He could be a sensation but all the numbers and tape don’t lie, I could see him busting hard at that price it’s way too high for an unproven hype guy

McKinnon is a bottom 3 starting RB in the NFL and there are multiple teams with two RBs that are better than him. If you want to take him at 16, be my guest. As a matter of fact, would you like to join some money leagues?