How high would you sell Antonio Brown?

Just asking, if you were to sell antonio brown today to improve your roster in any position, who would ask for? What kind of package deal would you try to get from him?

I’m not really selling AB, I’m buying if anyone is selling. But if I were to sell, I would be seeking his full worth in compensation. Which is a top 3 WR, likely the top WR from here on out.

Would have to have M Thomas, OBJ, Adams or Thielen with a decent RB2 on their hip.

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Agree with everything said above. You’d have to get a top 5 WR plus a WR2 or RB2 if you were selling him.

I wasn’t saying a price that high. As of right now, MT is hip to hip with AB. Lots of people even have him ranked higher than AB (i don’t personally, i have MT as WR2). I have OBJ as my WR3 ROS. So i think MT/OBJ + an RB2 at the hip is asking for a bit too much. Trade like that also doesn’t really make much sense for either side, its pretty lateral.

Typically if you’re trading a stud like AB, you’re seeking depth. A potentail deal could look something like

Keenan Allen + Michel for AB. I think that would be pretty fail deal. An example deal I’ve seen go through is JJSS + Michel for AB.

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Thats my thought. I started this thread because i’ve done a lot of trades in a 12-teamer and got me this 4-1 team:
AB and OBJ
Joe mixon a conner/bell
Trey Burton
my flex is between: jordan howard and marshawn lynch

I was thinking about maaaaaybe look for a top3 TE and a top5 wr, but selling AB is always hard, than i decided to see how people felt about ab trades

Probably just stick with what you have there. That’s a solid roster and once bell comes back, should light things up for you. I’m not a huge fan of stacking WR/RB but Bell / AB are the best at their position so don’t really mind it in this instance.

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Eh, I wouldn’t put AB and MT hip to hip, but that’s just me. I still think that AB is in a tier of his own and you should be compensated as such if you’re trading him. I should add that I don’t think that MT + a RB2 would be a fair trade for whoever would be giving up MT in that situation. But Keenan Allen, Thielen, and Julio would all fit what I mentioned. You could absolutely ask for one of them plus an RB2 if you were selling AB. I’d stick with what you have though. That’s a solid roster.

I think generally I am looking to upgrade at rb if I am trading Brown so trying to trade for another Julio or Thomas doesn’t make much sense. I would target an rb1 with some wr depth. Mixon and hilton would be ideal but maybe a little much, Mixon and Golladay or something like that for an owner that has a plethora of rbs.

Before the season, I agree with you. But having seen what I’ve seen, it’s hard to ignore how good MT is. And he’s also getting the red zone looks this year compared to years past. Drew brees looks about as good as he’s ever been. And MT has been a target monster, catching literally everything thrown his way. Hard to ignore that level of elite production and honestly, I think what makes the gap closer is the fact that Brees > Roethlisberger by a country mile. Ben is routinely missing throws. AB leads the league in incompletions due to QB error.

Now I’m not saying MT > AB, I still have AB ranked above MT in redraft leagues (i have MT above AB in Dynasty by quite a bit) but I think its fair to say that MT/AB are hip to hip right now in valuations. Consensus ECR actually has MT above AB as well for ROS. So was just trying to portray that to the OP because if you’re trading, people will be relying on consensus valuations more than the opinions of any given individual like you or I

Yeah, I don’t argue with that. The only reason I’m hesitant to rank MT and AB hip to hip is MTs back to back games of 4 and 5 targets, but the efficiency certainly mitigates some risk when it comes to those fewer target games. It’s a fair evaluation - the talent level for MT is certainly elite. And I agree 100% with Brees being much better than Ben.

Yeah I would just take last game with a grain of salt though. Mt was absolutely shredding them in the 1st quarter. He had like 3 catches for like 50 yards and 1 incompletion due to defensive holding. And as we all know, the game was over after the 1st quarter. There was no longer a need to throw and it’s hard to get targets when brees is going 80 yards of the field on one pass due to skins broken coverage.

His pace that game was excellent and he was super involved until the game got out of hand and was no longer a competition. If the game was actually competitive, i’d be prettying confident that MT would’ve easily had 100+ yards and maybe a TD.