How important are matchups for playoffs?

Especially for top players like baldwin, graham, jordan howard? Should I look to trade for players with better matchups?

Extremely important. I knew I was making the playoffs pretty early in the season and I’ve been making additions ever since. Currently stashing 3 QBs and 2 DEF.

EDIT: I have Howard and he doesn’t have great match ups but ya gotta start him regardless.

I just made playoffs so I just started looking for matchups. I have the ravens’ D and have big ben and keenum at QB. Which QBs and Def would you suggest stashing?

Tough to say without knowing your ww. I’d start Big Ben in week 16. But it’s as simple as looking at who’s available and checking their matchups. See something you like and pick them up!

You’ll know who the good matchups are. Also, If I remember correctly the ballerz did a playoff primer recently that went over some of their favourite matchups.

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I just picked up Steelers Defense (no idea how they weren’t owned) but they have a great schedule for the next 5 weeks. Packers- Bengals - Ravens - Patriots (not playing them) - Texans

I thought the same thing when I saw the Ravens. You’d be surprise who gets dropped on bye weeks or after a bad game