How is no one talking about OBJ?

Are any other OBJ owners trying to bail? Somehow he isn’t getting talked about much.

I went WR heavy at the top so I have NuK and OBJ. I feel like I can afford to bail on OBJ. The offense has looked bad and Eli has looked even worse. I feel like the ceiling is lower than usual… more target competition

What type of offers would you entertain for him? I’d like to try and trade for him hoping he has more big days.

You’re gonna be selling low on him if you try to trade him now, I’d ride it out a couple more weeks if I were you

Well honestly I was hoping to either upgrade at running back, or look at getting another receiver in a better offense.!

I agree. I will probably end up running them out a few more weeks, but it definitely is tilting knowing he’s putting up mediocre numbers week in week out

Do you guys see the coaching staff figuring things out any? Or do you see Eli & the line being too big of an issue?

I was thinking of making a trade of Ajayi and Baldwin for him with the way it’s been trending. Or Jordan Howard and an Enunwa type… not sure what his value is…

I’m not trading OBJ. The offense is def concerning but OBJ is still putting in work. Just hasn’t gotten the red zone work yet and hasn’t done his regular breaking a 5 yard slant for a 60 yard TD. That will come. I believe in the talent. Most talented WR of this generation and I have 4 years worth of data showing me how good he is.

I trust in him to positvely revert. Definitely no shot of me trading him away in his current condition. At the very least, wait for his blow up game before you trade him away.

For those who don’t have him I think it’s a good opportunity to try and go out an acquire him. Same thing with Keenan Allen?

Like most other big play WRs, he is going to be up and down. If full ppr he actually has a pretty solid floor. Other than MT, Juju, maybe a couple others, no WR is putting up massive numbers weekly.

I personally try to structure my lineup evenly with big game threats and solid floor pieces, depending on my opponent. Obj definitely still has the talent to blow the lid off a game. Your concerns are legit tho about the OL and QB play. It’s concerning. It will lead to fluctuations. If you arent comfortable with big fluctuations, you probably need to target someone like Golden Tate. You know what you’re going to get out of him and by name alone, I imagine that opponent would trade straight up.

I mean, lets tone it down with this fluctuations narrative a bit. The dude put up 2x 100 yard games in 4 games while playing against the leagues top passing D in Jax and another elite D in Dallas. Only thing missing is a couple TDs. If he has 2 TDs right now, this wouldn’t even really be a discussion point. TD’s by nature are just fluctuating and variable. Just ask JJ.

For WR, you chase targets and talent. And he has both of those in abundance.

We’re mostly on the same page, especially regarding targets and talent. Doesn’t change the fact this is his scoring thus far this season in our scoring format.

With the hideous nature of the NYG OL and QB play, I expect these fluctuations all season and at this moment I’m content to endure them.

Okay except not everyone uses your scoring format. No idea what that scoring format is. Looks like bonus for 100 yards?

a floor of 4-6 catches for 50-60 yards isn’t really that bad. That’s what MT had last week. And there are very few receivers that offer the upside that OBJ gives. The Giants Oline and QB also sucked last year when OBJ played. In the 4 games OBJ played, he did the following:

Week 2 - 4 catches, 36 yards
Week 3 - 9 catches, 79 yards 2 TDs
Week 4 - 7 catches, 90 yards
Week 5 - 5 catches 97 yards, 1 TD.

Literally the only difference between this year and last were TDs. TDs will come. I don’t chase TDs on WRs, it’s a fools errand. Are you going to tell me the current giants team is worse than the team from last year? I highly doubt it given the added pieces from draft/offseason. They finally benched flowers and the Oline will take time to gel.

Let’s not get it twisted, Eli does not make OBJ. OBJ makes Eli. So to suggest OBJ depends on a good QB to perform is not really the truth in my eyes. Eli sucks now and has sucked for the past 4 years. OBJ is the one who is extending his career.

I fully expect positive regression for OBJ on the TD side as in his 4 year career, he has been an elite red zone weapon and has never had the same struggles as JJ.

We again mostly agree. Doesn’t change the fact that a WR is only as good as the QB getting him the ball. A QB can only be good with an OL to protect him. Simply put it’s a factor that will at times limit OBJs production. In other words, he will fail to reach his full potential due to supporting cast.

I too still like him this year and have no thoughts of trading him. Someone would have to make a legit offer to earn my acceptance. In hindsight however, I wish I would’ve drafted MT over him.

No arguments here. If what you’re saying is OBJ would be better served on a team with a good QB and good Oline (i.e. Steelers or Saints), I 100% agree. I’m just saying that in this thread, this OP is talking about OBJ like he needs to dump him right now and sounds like he’s in panic mode cause of how bad Eli sucks. I’m just saying that’s not the case. Eli has always sucked and has sucked for 4 years. Their Oline, although bad is at minimum better than what it was last year when OBJ still balled out.

I’m just saying that variance here is due to TDs. And for WRs, those are just really hard to project with any degree of accuracy beyond licking your finger and holding it up to the wind.

I drafted OBJ over MT as well. And then I drafted Hopkins over MT. But then I traded Hopkins away for MT. So now I have an OBJ/MT/Allen stack for WR. And i’ll just say I am not at all worried about either OBJ or Allen.

We came to an agreement. Long story short, hang the hell on to Obj unless you get a seriously legit offer and make sure it’s covering a glaring weakness on the backside of a monster game for him.