How is this trade?

10 man PPR

I’m trading away Barkley and receiving Edelman, Woods, James Conner.

|1.|(2)|[Saquon Barkley](NYG - RB)
|2.|(19)|[Odell Beckham Jr.] (Cle - WR)|
|3.|(22)|[Josh Jacobs] (Oak - RB)|
|4.|(39)|[Calvin Ridley](Atl - WR)|
|5.|(42)|[O.J. Howard] (TB - TE)|
|6.|(59)|[Aaron Rodgers] (GB - QB)|
|7.|(62)|[Marvin Jones Jr. (Det - WR)|
|8.|(79)|[Matt Breida] (SF - RB)|
|9.|(82)|[Chicago](Chi - DEF)|
|10.|(99)|[Dante Pettis](SF - WR)|
|11.|(102)|[Jordan Howard] (Phi - RB)|
|12.|(119)|[DeSean Jackson] (Phi - WR)|
|13.|(122)|[Peyton Barber] (TB - RB)|
|14.|(139)|[Adam Vinatieri](Ind - K)|

I’m not worried about Barkley or anything so I don’t wanna panic trade I feel that this trade is good but i suck at trading.