How likely will I comeback win either of these?

  1. Losing 117.9 to 111.6, opp has Butker and Hunt, I have Gronk.
  2. Losing 143.4 to 75.2, I have Morris, A. Jones, GB DST, Mason Crosby left.

2nd one seems impossible, ha. Each player would need close to 20 points.

2nd one definitely feels impossible.

And the 1st one is a super long shot. You would need a historic performance by Gronk and hunt to bust.

I’m rooting for you though. I need Gronk to go ham to even remotely have a chance.

First one is my league of record and I’ll 2-4 if I don’t win this one. Yeldon, Henry, OBJ, Landry put me way behind.

Second one, would definitely need some historic game play as well. I doubt it would change even if I swapped out A. Jones in the flex for Cobb/ Garcon, or picking up Hogan/ Patterson on waivers for the flex spot as a dizzy dart throw.

Well I think you’re pretty much dead in the water now. Even before that Hunt 70 yard TD pass, Butker was already going off.

Yeah, once I saw 3 FGs happen I gave up. I’m also kinda tired of waiting for Gronk to help me out lol. Shoot out my ass, it’s an RB death match.

Yeah I wish gronk wasn’t such a good blocker. Now that they have such a good RB, he’s in there blocking a lot. Gronk is still the best TE in the game but they’re still double/triple teaming him cause Gordon isn’t fully in the offense yet. At the same time, let’s not get carried away here. Since Edelman has been back, he’s still putting up a floor of 10 points. I’ll take that in my TE position all day given how much of a wasteland the position is right now.