How long to hold Baldwin?

Not a full week 1 tilt but with two bad knees, both likely to be a issue all season now I’m thinking the Baldwin gamble has not paid off?

My WR core is looking shoddy to say the least - Baldwin, Gordon, Hogan, Davis, Allison and while i’m loaded at RB, Reed at TE for now and Cam at QB i can’t get a deal done to upgrade a WR. So my question how long do you hold Baldwin for before cutting ties and how confident are we he will be serviceable when he’s back?

I know the lack of options says he must get the volume but will he produce with it…?

I have him too. He’s out 2-4 weeks. We can’t get much for him right now, so don’t sell low, and we can’t drop him. Our only choice is to ride this injury out and see what he looks like when he gets back. You can also try trading when he gets back in a couple of weeks, but I probably won’t. I think he’ll be ok.

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someone in my league dropped him to waivers. i dont blame him. i have same problem but reverse, do i pick him up and in turn drop corey davis or robby anderson. anyways, i dont think i would feel comfortable starting him even when he comes back.

i think if i owned doug i would try to trade when a positive report comes out for more value. i don’t think he’ll be efficient this year.

Yeah it’s a rough spot to be in, i mean if it is 4 weeks he’s coming back to face the Rams, so that’s not good, then the Raiders and Lions either side of the bye week then Chargers and Rams again so the schedule is rough most weeks.

(Sigh) he was a big gamble and unless he gets back ahead of schedule and puts up some decent weeks he wont have the trade value needed to move him in a package and he may have to be cut when you get to the business end of the season if he’s not right.

As for your situation I’m not sure I’d pick him up but I’d be looking to trade Anderson, 1 target isn’t what you want to see. I don’t think the deep shots will be there enough for him to hold up as a useable asset, he’s a sell high for sure