How long to hold on to Fournette

Getting tired of seeing his value drop and seeing just waste a spot in my roster. No one wants to trade for him. What do I do when I see Sutton and Coute sitting there on waivers

You pass on keke, DT is coming his value isn’t gonna be that amazing

You drop someone else for Sutton and forget Keke

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But who’s droppable, there is an IR spot we can use

My guy you are in like an 8 man league, you do not need to worry about him

Lol it’s a 10 person work league

I’d drop shady I guess

Lol those are the best, I was just saying it is really no big deal keeping him on bench.

I would try to trade AP and McCoy for a CMC, or Mixon personally. Or try to trade Connor and McCoy for someone. 2 for 1 it to pick him up

Don’t worry about him, but I’d probably drop Shady for a streaming QB this week.