How long to wait for QB

If i am not looking for a top tier QB, and possibly plan to stream the position, how many rounds should I wait to take a QB?

3rd to last pick of the draft. if im set on streaming, my last 3 picks go QB, DEF, K (if i even have a DEF or K) . i mean obviously if there is a stupid good value, im going to take it. like if goff is somehow still around in the 12th i wont keep on passing him up. hell sometimes i wont even draft a QB if its allowed in my league. gives you a guy to hold onto to see if situations change, then who ever i like the least before the 1st week ill drop and go right to waivers for QB off the bat.

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Tell us about your league format. Number of teams? Starting player requiirements? Draft rounds? This will all impact when someone will take a late round QB.

To expand on @BusterD thoughts, which I mirror, you can’t pre-select a round and say that’s where I’m taking a QB.

Thanks fellas.

I am in a 12 team, PPR, keeper. Same group of guys for the last 13 years. Pretty normal layout. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE and flex.

I have never streamed, got burned by Rogers last 1.5 seasons, so wanted to trying a different approach this year. Makes sense that if we are in a middle round and there is some value still on the hairs grab it.

Thanks for the info about your league

To clarify, the late round QB strategy is not directly based on streaming. The ideal situation is taking a QB in the late (11+) rounds that could be your starter all year. Maybe a guy like Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson or Sam Darnold. Streaming is your backup option of those guys don’t hit.

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I’ve gotten Dak or Ben in the last three rounds of every draft I’ve done this season. Rivers and Jameis are there too. I like Dak the best overall, but I’m content with any of these guys.