How long until Bell has to report?

My waivers run in 5 hours time and there’s a few decent RB’s around.

Bell is not showing up is he?

Nope. Highly doubtful.

He has 15 minutes left.

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Cheers. At least I can dump him for waivers.

No chance.

Looks like this will be a busted draft pick :confused:

Pick two down the gurgler for me

schefter just tweeted he’s not reporting. Lev is out for season

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I felt this would happen and really glad I traded him off early in the game.


I held onto him, but at least I have Conner to represent the Steelers backfield for me.

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It’s 4PM, buh-bye 2018. Bust of the century for FF…

I have Conner too. Tried to trade Bell last 2 weeks but nobody would bite.

I’m gonna keep him on my IR as a cheerleader for Conner lol. Idc if it’s a wasted slot

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