How long will James Conner last? Trade

I have been proposed a straight up trade for my Dalvin cook for James Conner. I’m 3-1 and my possible trade partner is 0-4. How long do you guys think James Conner will last? And what do you think of the trade

I think Bells coming back to the steelers, im a conner owner (no Bell) and this week I’ve been trying to shop for another good RB in anticipation of Bell’s return. At this point its a gamble. I would rather keep Cook if I were you though.

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I would keep Cook…
Reports are Bell is coming back during bye week, and Conner had a good week 1 but has not been good in fantasy since…

Hopefully Cook gets healthy and can plug him back in your starting lineup

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I wouldn’t say Conner hasn’t been good except for last week against a good defense. He hasn’t repeated the first week but he’s been a perfectly fine flex play 3 of 4 weeks. He just has a very wide range of options. High ceiling/low floor. I’m riding him out and holding him as a possible keeper for next year as I basically got him for free. I don’t know what will happen with Bell. He is clearly better but there are other factors at play beyond that. I don’t think anyone will give you value on Conner so I keep playing him based on matchups the next few weeks.

You might be able to get a desperate Bell owner to do something if they start out 0-4 or 1-3 but that isn’t the case in my league so far as the Bell owner has survived somehow.

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Thank you everyone. Makes much more sense now. Trades get me a little too hyped up. But cook and the Vikings are in the slump and it’s a pretty unanimous decision bell is coming back sooner than later. Thanks boys!

Yeah and if Cook’s hammy gives him problems all year long then getting a few weeks out of Conner if you need to ‘win now’ might be worth it to you but you aren’t going to be able to use him a couple of weeks and flip him. You would just have to sit on him and hope Bell gets traded/hurt.

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I’ll have to take that chance, but for now I definitely don’t need to buy a win. I have David Johnson Kamara and Mixon as starters for RB. So I don’t mind sitting on Cook and hoping the hammy gets better

As soon as bell as back, Conner is not longer worth anything. Once Cook is healthy, he’s goin to lead the backfield. Stick with Cook.


Thank you Sir :+1:t3: